I am trying to model a tripod. The idea was to model just one leg, making it a group, and then create two group instances of the leg, rotate them +-120 degrees (to face each other) and voila. The problem I have though is that once rotated the grouped instances no longer move in the same global direction as the original leg. Instead, after the rotation, if I move the leg along the x axis, the instances will move along THEIR x axis thereby breaking the tripod apart.

Without rotation: enter image description here With rotation: enter image description here Is there a way to move these rotated instances in the same global coordinate as the original leg? Thanks.

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Set Transform orientation to Global, not Local. It seems that 3d manipulator widget confuses you and you drag with it.

You can move them along global axis also via keyabord - G > X and Rightclick Drag + X.

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