I created 4 markers and used them to 'Create Plane Track'. This worked fine.

Then, in the compositor, I added a 'Plane Track Deform' node, selected an image for it, and chose 'Camera'. Clicking on the plane track dropdown, I don't see my plane track. The dropdown is empty.

What am I missing? I looked at tutorials, they all just pick the plane track from the dropdown, and mine is empty. Could it be that the plane track is not associated with the camera?

For the record, here's the plane track (in the motion tracking layout): enter image description here

Then, the plane track doesn't show in the compositor: enter image description here

Any idea what I'm missing? Thanks.


A plane track is attached to the clip that you track the markers in.

The plane track node has a clip name starting with Logo. while the tracking is done with fr0001. The clip for the plane track mask is the one you tracked while the image input socket is the image that will be distorted over the clip.


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