Im developing a new behaviour for sculpt mode, but I couldn't find the source code.

How can I view and/or edit the source code?

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    $\begingroup$ Try looking through the git repository at developer.blender.org. Also the python tag is wrong here, sculpt mode is C code. If you are interested in getting involved in blender development this is not the right place, get in contact with the dev team via the #blendercoders IRC channel or the mailing list. $\endgroup$ – Sazerac May 10 '17 at 2:09
  • $\begingroup$ @Sazerac thank u for the answer, I was hoping that this part wasn't in C because I don't have idea of C, time to start I suppose, thank you. $\endgroup$ – Jesus Sanz Losa May 10 '17 at 14:05

Sculpt mode isn't developed in Python, it's in C. It can be found that in \source\blender\editors\sculpt_paint.

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