Can someone tell me how to duplicate changes made to one face of a dodecahedron to all the other faces?

For example if I extrude one face, I'd like the same thing to happen to the other faces!

I tried the steps here: How do I mirror the faces of a cube (edit all of them when I edit one)? but the duplicated faces ended up at odd angles.

Thanks for the help


You can obtain this result, using duplicate linked objects:

enter image description here

If you duplicate linked AltD all duplicates are sharing the same geometry.

So to do it from a dodecaedron:

enter image description here

The gif above was becoming to big, but you see the principle:

  • Add a dodecahedron, enter edit mode, select and duplicate a face then separate it P
  • Select this newly created face, duplicate linked AltD then rotate around the first axis (front view)
  • Select the two faces, again duplicate linked and rotate along a second axis
  • Do this until you obtain the 12 faces

Once your individual faces edit finished, you can come back to a single mesh doing the following:

enter image description here

  • Select all the dupli objects
  • Then in the menu, object/make single user/object and data, and validate for the selection (edit: in fact this step is not useful)
  • Join them CtrlJ
  • Enter edit mode and remove doubles
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