For my project i made a model of a room inside of Google Sketchup (2014), which was then imported as a .dae file, i added a plane to use as the mirror (because sketchup cannot raytrace (make mirror surfaces)).

I used www.chocofur.com/6-shadersamptextures.html for the nodes (specifically the 100% reflectivity one found there)

yet when it renders there are white particles left-over (which are not there without the "mirror")

With Mirror

EDIT: So i found a way to greatly reduce the fireflies, i did this by mixing two scenes, the end result now looks like this enter image description here


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Fireflies were reduced via mixing two different scenes which were duplicates of each other, however one was rendered with a seed of 10 while the other had a seed of 0. (Only 100 samples were used to test this so the quality is (hopefully) likely to go up when i do a full render with more samples)


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