For my project i made a model of a room inside of Google Sketchup (2014), which was then imported as a .dae file, i added a plane to use as the mirror (because sketchup cannot raytrace (make mirror surfaces)).

I used www.chocofur.com/6-shadersamptextures.html for the nodes (specifically the 100% reflectivity one found there)

yet when it renders there are white particles left-over (which are not there without the "mirror")

With Mirror

EDIT: So i found a way to greatly reduce the fireflies, i did this by mixing two scenes, the end result now looks like this enter image description here


Fireflies were reduced via mixing two different scenes which were duplicates of each other, however one was rendered with a seed of 10 while the other had a seed of 0. (Only 100 samples were used to test this so the quality is (hopefully) likely to go up when i do a full render with more samples)


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