This is my first time using skin in Blender (I'm following a tutorial). I'm stuck at a point where the tutorial suggests creating an edge loop with Ctrl+R on the mesh in Edit Mode, running down the middle of the character.

However, the "skin" mesh is not selectable, so when I try to create my loop I only get a single vertex showing up as selected and it creates a loop around the character instead of down the middle.

This is the tutorial I am following under "How to Do It". My character is below - I'm trying to create an loop vertically from tip to tip. Any feedback is appreciated!

My character


You are missing a step from the previous page. The first line reads -

Once we have applied the Skin and Armature modifiers, we are left with an almost ready-to-use base mesh

You don't have the real mesh to add a loop cut because you haven't applied the skin and armature modifiers. Click the apply button on each modifier to get the mesh you can edit further.

apply modifiers


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