I'm learning how to handle the blender program. I do not know anything at all. I would like to know how to draw the panel and most importantly, how to control objects using a python script, and the video game engine blender game logic; Where can I get the information?

i like to do this



if you don't know anything at all as you say, i suggest you that search tutorials on YouTube (there's a lot) and you can found information about Blender game Engine in the Python API documentation Python API bge.KX_GameObject where you would see the functions that handles and object like:

move object:

from bge import logic
logic.getCurrentController().owner.localLinearVelocity.y = 0.5
## also localLinearVelocity = (0,0.5,0) or setLinearVelocity(vector, local=True)

rotate object:

from bge import logic

where owner is the object who has the Python controller (currentController) linked in it logic editor like this image:

enter image description here


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