I have an 4 frame animation made in Maya that i need in blender. Alembic wokres fine, but stops after frame 4, since there is no more animation. Is there a way i could loop the alembic file in blender?


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Once you imported an Alembic Cache, the object in Blender will have an Alembic Cache Constraint.

  1. Check Override Frame.
    alembic cache constraint
  2. In the frame property you can set keyframes.
    The following expression will loop through frame 1, 2, 3, 4. Directly enter the following in the Frame property:
    #(frame - 1) % 4 + 1

The Values used in the Python Expression

#(frame - <starting_frame>) % <animation_duration> + <starting_frame>

frame               the actual frame played
starting_frame      the frame id where the animation begins
animation_duration  the number of frames the animation lasts

To customize the driver to your needs, replace starting_frame and animation_duration with your values:

The animation starts at frame 1 and lasts 4 frames: #(frame - 1) % 4 + 1


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