Just installed blender 2.78 on windows 8.1 under parallels. When I start the game engine, the cursor disappears when it enters the blender window. Crtl-alt to release the cursor doesn't help. changing the settings to optimize or not for games doesn't help.

Different problem on blender install directly on the mac (10.12.5). Here, when I start the game engine the blender window just flickers rapidly and becomes entirely unusable.

In both cases everything is fine until the game engine starts.

Any guesses?

  • $\begingroup$ This is expected behavior, cursor is hidden by default unless coded otherwise. $\endgroup$ Commented Apr 26, 2017 at 0:48

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  1. To see the mouse cursor when bge is running active Mouse cursor checkbox in render tab of property panel.

property panel

  1. Or use a script to show the mouse cursor.


You can use logic or render to show the mouse cursor while BGE is running.

  1. Using bge.logic.mouse

     from bge import logic
     logic.mouse.visible = True # 1 or True are acepted, to disable 0 or Flase
  2. Using bge.render.showMouse()

    from bge import render
    render.showMouse(1) # 1 or True are acepted, to disable 0 or False

NOTE: When BGE is running you are unable to make change to configurations, property, objects, scripts, etc.


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