Trying to get the XY of a uv_layer[index].uv by using [0] and 1, or .x and .y, return extremely weird results. However using the uv value itself (e.g. print(uv_layer[index].uv)) gives correct results. Example:

enter image description here

This is not just a printing issue. When writing the values to a file, I get these same broken values in the file. Seems only that 0.0/0.0001 coords are broken maybe?

How do I obtain the correct X and Y values, individually?


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That's not specifically a blender issue, it is showing the inaccuracy of representing a decimal number in binary storage. The python docs have a page explaining the issue and show some ways around it, the best is probably using format() which replaces the older '%.3g' % val style.

>>> val = 0.1 + 0.2
>>> print(val)
>>> print('{:.3g}'.format(val)) # '.3g' will give 3 significant digits

While python has the decimal module to better support decimal numbers, it doesn't help when working with blender's data.


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