I need to do boolean operations with multiple meshes, i found this solution as you can see in the image and in the script attached, but i think there are other possibilities; Probably with a script should be the best efficient solution ( with a script_lite node i mean), but maybe my nodetree could be also improved.

note few points:

  • list decompose node became a bit oddy if you have to handle many meshes.

  • i don't want to use metaballs.

  • i want to do boolean union and subtraction.
  • in the example i left the subdivision level at minimum for obviuos reasons.

Thank you for the attention.

Walter @kalwalt

multi boolean icosphere ico_boolean script

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    $\begingroup$ Due to new changes/improvements to the CSG boolean this Nodetree can be simplified a lot. No needs anymore of the list decompose nodes and Csg chained boolean nodes. The Csg Boolean MK2 node now accept nested lists of meshes so simplifing a lot the node tree. For info about the node go to the pull request thread: github.com/nortikin/sverchok/pull/1575: $\endgroup$ – kalwalt Apr 24 '17 at 17:03

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