Is there a way to prevent a single object from casting shadows? If I shut down "Cast Shadows" on the light source then all shadows will be lost. That is not what I want. I want to be able to prevent a single object from casting shadows.

A use case may be a laser. If I were to use a cylinder to model my laser, and that laser was positioned between a wall and a light source it will cast a shadow on the wall, but it should not cast a shadow.

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Objects not casting shadows? easy, un-tick the shadow box.

enter image description here
In Cycles 2.79+, Ray Visibility was renamed to Cycles Settings.

As for the lighting, Cycles simulates the physical behaviour of light with some reasonable accuracy. All techniques used in real photography can be applied to lighting setups in cycles, The video also discusses the composite of various render passes, I think you'll find they are all possible in Blender. Be specific about what you want to know and you will get accurate answers.

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In v2.83 I found the setting as follows:

Selecting the object and then, in the sidebar, going to Object Properties->Visibility->Ray Visibility->Shadow (check/uncheck).

Note: Changing the material properties did not remove the shadow cast by the object.

enter image description here


For 2.8 and for rendering I found selecting the shadow mode to None to be working. It's under material settings.

enter image description here

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Cycles, Blender 2.79

Select the object, and in Properties / Object / Cycles Settings, disable Shadow.

shadow settings

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