So I have created a custom channel box for animating. And it has all the transforms in it, and can dynamicly update the custom properties per object I select. However the custom properties only show as Int, or Float, or String in the channel box. But in the "Custom Properties" panel I have an Enum, and it shows like normal. enter image description here

I want to know how to get that enum to show correctly in my channel box.

here is my snip-it of code:

myList = []
    for k in obj.keys():

    prefix = ( 'cycles', '_RNA_UI' )
    newList = [ x for x in myList if not x.startswith( prefix ) ]

    addTo = '[' + '"'
    addAftr = '"' + ']'

    newName = [ x + addAftr for x in newList ]
    newName2 = [ addTo + y for y in newName ]

    for n in newName2:
        splitr = n.split( '[' )[1]
        splitr2 = splitr.split( '"' )[1]

        custmAttr = layout.row()
        custmAttr.prop(obj, n, text = splitr2)

Any help is appreciated.


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