I'm an absolute beginner in Blender. Now I've accidentally pressed Ctrl+G in Object Mode, the selection color turned into Green selection. How could I make it back to Yellow / Orange color please?

I've been through this Blender Hotkey Wiki: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_HotKeys/3D_View/Object_Mode and it says here:

Ctrl+G brings up menu for performing group operations on selected objects.

But I din't see any menu. Any helpful answer would be appreciated. Thanks.


Ctrl+G adds selected objects to a new Group

Objects belonging to a group show up in green.

Shift+Alt+G removes active objects from a group.

If more than one object is selected and when you press Shift+Alt+G but only one of them is removed from all groups, then afterwards press Ctrl+L > Groups to remove all selected objects from all groups.


If the green line appears only in Edit mode, just press Ctrl + E and "clear sharp", or "Clear Freestyle Edge".


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