We have a preferences option to enable auto-run of python scripts when opening blend files. We can also add paths that are excluded from auto-running scripts. Then we have a cli options to enable or disable auto-running scripts and to bypass the startup.blend with --factory-startup.

In regard to auto-running scripts which of these options overrides all others?

If my startup.blend disables auto-run, can a python script be run from the cli to enable auto-run for the blend being opened?

Does --factory-startup bypass my auto-run settings?


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It seems that the order is as follows (in order from weakest to strongest):

  1. Startup .blend settings (does not override anything)

  2. --factory-startup will override all startup .blend preferences (including auto exec), but the default setting for auto exec is disabled (disallowing auto execution globally).

  3. -y (--enable-autoexec) enables
    -Y (--disable-autoexec) disables
    Both these options override the startup .blend auto exec preferences (including when used with --factory-startup) allowing auto execution. Note that it does not edit the preferences (even temporarily), it just allows execution.

  4. Running a script with -P (--python, --python-text, --python-expr) will execute the script immediately ignoring auto-execution settings. It is possible to enable auto-execution from such a script.

  • $\begingroup$ 4. But it only allows to run the script given to -P, or does it also allow other scripts? I guess only that script is executed, but can probably import and execute others. Text datablocks registered as module shouldn't be allowed, only because a certain script was passed for execution. $\endgroup$
    – CodeManX
    Mar 11, 2014 at 9:58
  • $\begingroup$ @CoDEmanX - clarified the -P behavior. $\endgroup$
    – ideasman42
    Mar 11, 2014 at 15:09

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