I'm wondering how I would create a rendering setup that gives the feel of the old 1970's era sci fi space scenes (Star wars, Alien etc.) I'm using Blender cycles to do this. Below I have what i'm trying to make along with an example from star wars and alien.

Alien:enter image description here

Star Wars:enter image description here

What I'm trying to reproduce:

enter image description here

Edit: I already have any models and textures, all I'm looking for is the lighting setup to achieve this effect. I've done holographic/wireframe stuff in cycles before and I've made space scenes with this harsh lighting in blender internal but I cant figure out how to in cycles.


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I would install Filmic-Blender for the epic contrast:

Then either model my own spaceship by extruding parts of a mesh,
or randomly generate one with a script, then edit it however you like:

You can apply a Decimate modifier to reduce geometry at this point,
for a quicker render, if you prefer.

Once model looks OK, duplicate it. Use Wireframe modifier on the copy,
and paint that version with a mix of Glass and Emission shaders.


Then you get that nice sci-fi Tron glow. Play with settings to achieve desired results.
Thickness of wireframe, turn the mix Factor to more glass, less emission...

Here's the quick settings I used just to illustrate the idea:

glassy glow

Edit: You can put a tangent into the Emission shader Strength input,
to get more spaceship, less glow, as it appears in your goal.



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    $\begingroup$ And don't forget the greebles. For those that don't know the discombobulator addon was merged into the extra objects addon which is part of the standard release. $\endgroup$
    – sambler
    Mar 27, 2017 at 7:54

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