How do I pull information on what clips affected by crossfades/transitions and fades via python?

I know I can pull the type of clip with this script, but not the affected clips of crossfades and fades: How to get a clip's source media starting and ending frame numbers?

(I'm trying to piece together an EDL export script: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?418606-EDL-export-script-help-needed! )


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You can hover over an Effect strips Input boxes and get the Python variable:


So you just need to call .input_1 on the effect strip to access the first effected strip. Then you can access its attributes like normal (e.g. .filepath) as it's just a reference to the original strip.

The best help is your autocompletion (Ctrl+Space) in an interactive Python console view. So just write the complete bpy.data.scenes['Scene'].sequence_editor.sequences_all['Cross'].input_1 into one and hit the . (dot), then call the autocompletion and it will print you any possible accessible attributes of this strip.


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