I'm following Blender Guru's guide for Introduction to Blender's Fluid Simulator and I have everything all set up, a cup with an object inside of it and a cube. The cup is set as an obstacle, the object inside the cup is set as fluid and the cube is of course set as the domain. The cube is surrounding both objects as well.

When I go to bake the domain cube the fluid that shows up is outside of the cup (As shown by the rectangle in the picture below) and nowhere close to the same shape of the object that I have set to fluid. The confusing part is, I did the exact same steps as the video tutorial and in the video it works but mine doesn't. So how do I get the fluid to be in the cup when I press bake? Not sure if I'm just an idiot, but any help as to how to get the fluid in the proper shape and spot would be great!

enter image description here


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