I have a PNG file which is like a film strip of an animation all in 1 file.

Is is possible in Blender to render this file to make the animation work?


If not does anyone know how? The game it's from seems to do it and I've seen other models + animations work in programs like Blender / Photoshop before.

Probably cant but thought I'd ask.


  • $\begingroup$ You can do that either by animating the UV coordinates of the object , or alternatively break the png strip into a frame sequence $\endgroup$ – Duarte Farrajota Ramos Mar 7 '17 at 16:12
  • $\begingroup$ UV coordinates? I'm new to Blender I dont have a clue about it. Could you add a little more to that comment? $\endgroup$ – David Elworthy Mar 7 '17 at 16:20
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ blender.stackexchange.com/questions/18363/… $\endgroup$ – cegaton Mar 7 '17 at 17:51
  • $\begingroup$ Cegaton's link seems to cover it pretty well, if you have any further questions feel free to as or post a new question. $\endgroup$ – Duarte Farrajota Ramos Mar 8 '17 at 2:58

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