Why am I doing this: I'm looking for an easy way of creating polygonal hair.

What I'm doing: As I understand, the quickest way is to convert the particle 'guide'-hairs to bezier curves and add a bevel object.

The problem: the curves won't rotate along Y-axis to follow the mesh - they're just lying flat (parallel to the grid). So when I add a bevel object, it looks fine on top, but weird on the sides.

Is there a way to fix that?

P.S: I'm very new to Blender, please excuse my noobishness

L to R: hair converted to bezier curves | direction of curves (see the sides) | added a bevel object (a straight line)


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You can do this by controlling the Tilt property on a per vertex basis.

It may be tedious will require some manual work if it is a lot of hair.

In edit mode just select a single vertex or a whole spline at once (you can do this easily from a single selected vertex by pressing Ctrl+L) and then controlling tilt with Ctrl+T.

You may optionally turn on Proportional Edit mode and set an adequate radius to control a bunch of hair at once.

Curve Tilt


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