I removed faces from my object. It is mirrored but I want to add faces back to form an L shape closing the geometry with faces.enter image description here I highlighted where I want to add the lines. How do i do this with its vertices so I can still select them and fill them with F?

Thank you in advance.


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  1. Select the front two middle edges (like in the image below).
    selected edges to extrude
  2. Turn on vertex (or edge) snapping, and extrude those selected edges along the Y axis to the middle.
  3. Now select the pairs of edges to create the new faces.
    In this image I already filled one face and have another selection ready for filling.
    creating faces

Do note that this does create a triangle in the corner, depending of what you are going to do with this mesh that may be undesirable.

Now here is an animated gif of the whole process. animated gif of the whole process

Another way, if you have the F2 addon enabled, is to select the corer vertex and simply press F. Repeat for the bottom three faces. Then fill the vertical faces like before.
another animated gif


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