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I would like to know if there is any way to be able to graph in blender a function of two variables, for example Sin (x y2) for the domain of x from -3 to 3, the domain of y from -2 to 2, to get something like the following image:


Clear this without axes, nor box,to later add some material and other things. I searched on YouTube for something similar but without success

I hope someone can help me


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There is an addon shipped by default with Blender called Add Mesh: Extra Objects capable of doing this. It is disabled by default and can be activated from the User Preferences dialog.

Start by opening File > User Preferences > Addons then search for Extra and activate the Add Mesh: Extra Objects addon.

Then in the 3D View press Shift+A > Add > Mesh > Math Function > Z Math Function or XYZ Math Function depending on what you want.

See my answer for more details

Z Function

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