When I'm in Edit Mode and have some vertices selected in my mesh, I can hit s and move the mouse to scale the selected vertices, and I can see the amount I'm scaling in the info bar. But how do numerically enter a precise amount to scale? For example, 92%?

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    $\begingroup$ S and enter 1.92 should do it precisely. $\endgroup$
    – Denis
    Feb 19 '17 at 21:47
  • $\begingroup$ @Denis is correct you can scale with the letter S and typing a number, just keep in mind that if your object has been scaled in object mode without applying scale, you might run into unexpected results . $\endgroup$
    – user1853
    Feb 19 '17 at 21:55
  • $\begingroup$ @cegaton you are right, the operations are applied to local coordinates of the object. $\endgroup$
    – Denis
    Feb 19 '17 at 21:58
  • $\begingroup$ @Denis Ah, you just start typing the value. Thank you! $\endgroup$
    – Martoon
    Feb 19 '17 at 22:02

To scale the mesh in edit mode all you need to do is to hit S hotkey and enter 0.92 i.e. 92% and hit Enter to apply.

As all operations are applied to objects' coordinates, make sure to apply the object scale in object mode using Ctrl+A and select Scale from the menu to make is possible to scale the mesh proportionally in edit mode.


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