I know how to assign a color ramp to a single dimension (I.e. How to make a color gradient from red to white along the x axis)

What I am stuck with is how to make a color gradient based on a circular rotation.

For instance, if I had a circle, 0 would be red, PI/2 is yellow, PI is green, 3pi/2 is blue with the gradient working its way around.


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You can set a Gradient Texture to Radial for this. Here i combined it with the Object Output of the Texture Coordinate Node, but depending on your geometry you might have to put a Mapping node behind it. enter image description here


Looks like you'll have to convert to polar coordinates using the math nodes. Doesn't sound fun, but it is possible. Here's the equation.

θ = tan-1 ( y / x )

Actually that would be around the z axis, but you get the idea.

If you need help figuring out how to do it check out this tutorial from blender cookie https://cgcookie.com/archive/custom-uv-transformation-nodes-cycles/

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