I encountered a little problem. Say I have a mesh an the Vertices on top are not in the same Z-Position. I am looking for a method to have them all aligned in Z.

My approach is to select the 3 Vertices, grab the blue arrow to constrain the movement in the Z-Axis and want to snap to the vertex highlighted with the red circle. enter image description here

My Snappingsettings enter image description here

But for some reason they don´t have the same z-Position. They seem to keep their Offsets to each other?

I used this method in Maya. Do you know a way how to get that working?

thanks in Advance Guido.


You can select the vertices and then hit S+Z+0+Enter. Then they'll have the same Z-Position.

S is the shortcut key for "Scale". Z is the the axis to scale on and 0 is the amount to scale by.

Scaling on the Z-axis

Or, if you wanted to align the vertices to a specific vertex, you can:

  • Select the vertex you want to align to
  • Hit Shift+S and select Cursor to Selected.
  • Change the pivot point to 3D Cursor
  • Select the other vertices and hit S+Z+0+Enter.

Or alternatively (without the need to change the pivot point to 3D Cursor), you can

  • Select "Snap Element" on the 3D Header and select "Vertex"
  • Then select all the vertices except the one you want to align to
  • Hit G to grab
  • Then hit Z to constraint the translation to the Z axis
  • Hold Ctrl and hover the cursor over the vertex you want to align to until there's a circle over the vertex (don't hold Ctrl if the "Snap during transform" option is on)
  • Then click (or hit Enter)

Align by snapping to a vertex

  • $\begingroup$ Add an explanation of what s, z, and the 0 key do, please $\endgroup$ – Leander Jan 8 '17 at 12:10
  • $\begingroup$ S = scale, Z = constrain the scale to the Z axis only, 0 is the numerical amount to scale on the Z axis. Nice post Kidus. $\endgroup$ – Emboo2 Jan 8 '17 at 12:54

well grabbing them is not the proper approach. You should scale them along Z to align them.


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