I encountered a little problem. Say I have a mesh an the Vertices on top are not in the same Z-Position. I am looking for a method to have them all aligned in Z.

My approach is to select the 3 Vertices, grab the blue arrow to constrain the movement in the Z-Axis and want to snap to the vertex highlighted with the red circle. enter image description here

My Snappingsettings enter image description here

But for some reason they donĀ“t have the same z-Position. They seem to keep their Offsets to each other?

I used this method in Maya. Do you know a way how to get that working?

thanks in Advance Guido.


You can select the vertices and then hit S+Z+0+Enter. Then they'll have the same Z-Position.

S is the shortcut key for "Scale". Z is the the axis to scale on and 0 is the amount to scale by.

Scaling on the Z-axis

Or, if you wanted to align the vertices to a specific vertex, you can:

  • Select the vertex you want to align to
  • Hit Shift+S and select Cursor to Selected.
  • Change the pivot point to 3D Cursor
  • Select the other vertices and hit S+Z+0+Enter.

Or alternatively (without the need to change the pivot point to 3D Cursor), you can

  • Select "Snap Element" on the 3D Header and select "Vertex"
  • Then select all the vertices except the one you want to align to
  • Hit G to grab
  • Then hit Z to constraint the translation to the Z axis
  • Hold Ctrl and hover the cursor over the vertex you want to align to until there's a circle over the vertex (don't hold Ctrl if the "Snap during transform" option is on)
  • Then click (or hit Enter)

Align by snapping to a vertex

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  • $\begingroup$ Add an explanation of what s, z, and the 0 key do, please $\endgroup$ – Leander Jan 8 '17 at 12:10
  • $\begingroup$ S = scale, Z = constrain the scale to the Z axis only, 0 is the numerical amount to scale on the Z axis. Nice post Kidus. $\endgroup$ – Emboo2 Jan 8 '17 at 12:54

well grabbing them is not the proper approach. You should scale them along Z to align them.

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