I'm new to Blender but not 3D modeling. I'm struggling to translate what I know to this interface, but I'm getting there thanks to all the tutorials and efforts this great Blender community has created. Thank you! It's amazingly helpful.

I need some help with how I should approach this model (if you point in the name of the tool, I can go find the resources on it, I'm really looking for the term of what I'm trying to accomplish).

I have an SVG logo. I'd like to shape this logo to a sphere or other roundish shape and give it a look like it was "router cut" into the face of the shape.

I would like the logo to be about 2mm recessed on all sides.

Logo Image

I was thinking I could

  • Extrude the logo
  • Make an inner shape
  • Make an outer shape
  • Use the outer shape to "cut" the extruded logo to the face of the rounded shape. (Boolean)
  • Use the inner shape to "cut" the extruded logo depth (boolean) to give me a sliver the side I'd like to notch out of the rounded shape.
  • And then Boolean again on duplicates of the shapes to remove the junction of these two.

Seems like there should be an easier way to do this.


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If you're able to convert your logo into a curve/mesh outline, you could then use Knife Project to cut it out of your base object. Then you would simply need to extrude the cutout area to the desired depth.


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