I have read at different times in different tutes instructions for creating a floor, backstop, or other "scenery" object in a rigid body world; some say "create object, add rigid body physics, then turn off Dynamic," while other say "create object etc, then change Active to Passive." I have tried both, and for a simple floor I've seen little difference. BUT...

recently I was building the Wrecking Ball demo from blenderguru, and out of habit I made the floor by turning off Dynamic, which has worked for me before. it all worked fine until I changed the floor (by extruding one edge into a backstop); then all of a sudden, cubes started falling right through it. I could not figure it out, could not figure it out, much headbanging, then finally changed it to Dynamic+Passive rather than !Dynamic+Active (in other words, followed BG's instructions properly!). then everything worked perfectly.

so, can someone enlighten me as to the -- subtle? -- diff between an RB object that is Not Dynamic but Active, and one that is Dynamic but Passive? I'm guessing that the latter is the correct way to make immovable scenery objects.



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