I'm working with models generated as voxels like those showing in the following picture from the internet:

enter image description here

I'm trying to do basically the same you see on the image: turn a voxel-based model into a soft-mesh based one. Don't mind abut texture mapping, just geometry.

Is this achievable in Blender?

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I can't tell you how to import voxel data into Blender, but if there's no dedicated importer, you can try MeshLab to convert to a supported format. For example, PLY or STL to import as vertices. If there's no real surface yet, you may use MeshLab's pointcloud triangulation capabilities and export as .OBJ.

Once you have a mesh object in Blender with a surface, try the Laplacian Smooth Modifier, which lets you smooth mesh surfaces while retaining a lot of detail. Go to Properties Editor > Modifiers and add it to your object.

More information: official documentation

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Another program that supports Voxels, assuming they're xyz, is Paraview:


If you import it as a table you can run the following filters: 1. Table to Points 2. 3D Delauny

When you're done, you can export the geometry as an X3D and then import it.

If you have a voxel representation, you can use some implementation of Marching Cubes to create a mesh from the voxels. It is possible to import a stack of images as a 'voxel stack' in Fiji which uses ImageJ.

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    It is technically correct, but how do you run Marching Cubes on Blender? – Xocoatzin Jun 19 '14 at 10:58
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