I made a rig and a set of animations in a Blend file and then lost the file. I do have a FBX file that I exported with the mesh, rig and animations.

I've managed to import it into a new Blend file, but I have the following problems:

  • Instead of displaying the bone names, it displays the X Y Z Location, Quaternion and Scale for each bone.
  • It made a keyframe for every single frame in the animation.

Is there a way I can fix this to get the file back to an editable state?


The "keyframe for every single frame in the animation" part of your question "is a feature, not a bug": That is how Blender outputs an FBX.

enter image description here

In object mode, select your armature. I imagine you may not be able to see it unless you turn on Xray.

enter image description here

Now go into pose mode and Blender's Animation screen set up.... or, I find this easier, anyway:

enter image description here

Your dope sheet will show you which bones in the armature have actions keyframed to them. Although Blender creates a keyframe for each frame, it does not create one for each bone -- only those bones that have actions associated with them.

In the NLA editor, you can turn this set of keyframes into an action strip, and you can B box select and simplify.... but it is still less elegant than what you undoubtedly had in your original Blender file.

Regarding names and axis... does your file look like this?

enter image description here

If that's what you are seeing, you can turn them off under the Armature panel.... but I have seen weird issues with some FBXes (more often scaling and orientation than naming)... and frankly I typically just hack at them until I get what I want... That is not really an answer... just what I do.

best rg

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