I made an animation in the edit-mode and then I noticed that it looks different in the object-mode. I wonder why there is such a difference, and I have no idea what thats causes.

The problem appears only if I select the animated object.

Here is the animation in the edit-mode: enter image description here

And here in the object-mode: enter image description here

Maybe it has something to do with the empty objects, or with the empty objects in combiation with the path. I already tried to change them but that changed nothing at the outcome.

So why is there a difference, and how can I remedy this?

The Blendfile is attached.

EDIT: If I delete the path the problem is gone. But I need the path.


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There are transformations and deformations by modifiers.
Enable Display Modifier in Edit Mode on the modifiers to see the modifier effects in edit mode. Optionally also Adjust cage to modifier result.

enter image description here


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