Instead of pressing N, opening the shelf, scrolling down and searching for the option Lock Camera to View, and then check mark. Can I create a keyboard a shortcut for lock camera to view?


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  1. Go to User Pereferences/Input tab/3D View/3D View (Global)
  2. There is no entry for "Lock Camera to View", so we will add a new one.
  3. Click "Add New"
  4. Open the "none" line that was created
  5. In the text field which says "none", type: wm.context_toggle, and press ENTER
  6. A new text field labelled "Context Attributes" appears. Type: space_data.lock_camera, and press ENTER
  7. Define the shortcut. (Some more trial and error could be necessary to find a free one). The shortcut should work already.
  8. Don't forget to also press "Save User Settings" in the User Preferences window.

In the following screenshot I just added the shortcut Ctrl-K:

enter image description here

Also see this blenderartists thread.


Today with 2.81 it's even easier.
Just click RMB on "Lock Camera to View" and "Change Shortcut".
Then choose whatever combination you want.
enter image description here


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