I've a curve which is part of a train track. I would like to make this piece a perfect "slice" of a circle. Is this possible?

I'm really new to Blender and modelling (in general), so I'm sorry if this is an easy task.

Here's the code:


Note the object should still be a mesh of triangles (triangulated).

As you can see from the following picture: enter image description here

the curve is not totally and exactly in the circle.

Any help is appreciated.


Try the following:

  1. Model the train Rail as linear, uncurved Shape.
  2. Insert a Circle with add-mesh-Circle. Use the Number of verts as a multiplier of 360 degrees, e.g. 36 verts.
  3. Delete as many verts as you Need until you geht the Desired bow.
  4. In Object Mode, use Alt+c to convert the Circle bow Into a Curve.
  5. Apply a Curve modifier to the linear Rail from 1., Using the curve from 4. as Curve.

Be aware of that both objects Need to have applied scale, rotation and Location.

I Hope this Helps.

Kind regards, Karl Andreas Groß


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