I am trying to access just the last few nodes of a data path, however blender tries to execute it when I try to use split or similar functions. What is the proper way to do this?

The data: bpy.data.scenes['Scene'].sequence_editor.sequences_all["Image0001.png"]

What I want: sequences_all["Image0001.png"]

Some things I've tried so far:

The split function:

n = bpy.context.selected_sequences
x = n[0]
x = str(x)

The problem is blender tries to interpret split as an attribute of the image sequence.

I need a dynamic result, as values could change in the first few parts. A way to just capture the "data path" of the selected VSE strip could potentially work as well.


The script below gets the data path, converts it to a string. Then does the manipulation on it to get the desired part.

I split the string on "sequence_editor." because everything after that (except for the closing bracket) is what you want, a period would also work.

After splitting the string (string[-1]) that line gets the last item in the list.
Using your data path the list would look like this:

["[bpy.data.scenes['Scene'].", 'sequences_all["Image0001.png"]]']

The last item in the list sequences_all["Image0001.png"]] only needs to have the trailing bracket removed (last line of the script.)

import bpy

path = bpy.context.selected_sequences
string = str(path) #convert data path to string
string = string.split("sequence_editor.") #split string in to a list
string = string[-1] # get last piece
string = string[:-1] # remove last character

Your problem was you were trying to get the first part of the path x = n[0] before turning it in to a string and then splitting it into a list.


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