What is the best way to locate a function from the bpy module in Blender's source code? I've downloaded the source code and I'm aware you can also browse through it online.

As an example, I would like to inspect bpy.ops.render.render().


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Get the idname like:

# 'RENDER_OT_render'

(or simply take render.render and replace the . by _OT_)

Search that operator in the source code, and find it here:


/* contextual render, using current scene, view3d? */
void RENDER_OT_render(wmOperatorType *ot)
    PropertyRNA *prop;

    /* identifiers */
    ot->name = "Render";
    ot->description = "Render active scene";
    ot->idname = "RENDER_OT_render";

    /* api callbacks */
    ot->invoke = screen_render_invoke;
    ot->modal = screen_render_modal;
    ot->cancel = screen_render_cancel;
    ot->exec = screen_render_exec;

You'll likely wanna look for the exec function code (screen_render_exec) and see what it does.


Python offers a module for live inspection. If the function is a python function located in a .py file, you can use these functions.

For example,

import bpy
import inspect

#get sourcefile of a panel


(for the difference between .getfile and .getsourcefile see this post on stackoverflow)

  • $\begingroup$ Why does inspect.getfile(bpy.ops.render.render) not work? I get a TypeError error saying it is not a module, class, method, function, traceback, frame, or code object. $\endgroup$
    – Garrett
    Feb 9, 2014 at 22:42
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ pink vertex's example shows inspect.getfile() using a bpy.types class. So the proper call for an operator is inspect.getfile(getattr(bpy.types, bpy.ops.render.render.idname())), which will raise a TypeError: <RNA_Types object at 0x0000000003A875A0> is a built-in class. You need search it in the C code (see my answer where to find it). $\endgroup$
    – CodeManX
    Feb 9, 2014 at 22:55

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