How can I set straight several edges in one action?

My current workflow is to select each edge, Shift+X+0, but I'm sure there is a more efficient way to do it, as with the Loop Tools -> Relax button.

I know the UV squares has the feature to grid by shape, but what I need is to get several edges on the same axis straight without affect the angle of the edges on the other axis.

Is that possible? Can you help?

Screenshot of edge selection#1

Screenshot of edge selection#2

  • $\begingroup$ It's a complete different thing. I want to edit manually each uv map, I don't want to straight the entire map- I want an answer who helps me to speed my workflow $\endgroup$ – Joni Mercado Dec 5 '16 at 11:53
  • $\begingroup$ The entire thing pictured in the question is the UV map. $\endgroup$ – JakeD Dec 5 '16 at 12:29
  • $\begingroup$ the uv squares straights the entire grid, I want to get straight the edges along one single axis. $\endgroup$ – Joni Mercado Dec 5 '16 at 14:47
  • $\begingroup$ Is the second image what you want? If so, [S]-[X]-0 or [space}-align-[enter] will work. $\endgroup$ – PGmath Dec 5 '16 at 15:21
  • $\begingroup$ @pgmath is that what I want but for all the edges along the x axis, without affecting the edges along y axis. in one single action. $\endgroup$ – Joni Mercado Dec 5 '16 at 15:33

Aside from perhaps some add-on, I'm not sure of a way to do what you want in one action. If you are open to another solution, perhaps consider the align auto function in the UV specials menu. It does basically the same thing as scaling to 0 on X or Y, but can save time as you can just use Shift+R to repeat the operator after using it.

Just Altselect your edge, and then use W>A(Align Auto) to activate the operator, followed by Shift+R after each selection to repeat the function.

enter image description here


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