Have Blender on about 4 machines rendering animations.
Just spotted on one of the machines its rendering something different from the actual scene that I have setup.

enter image description here

Top window shows a different set of layers objects to whats actually being rendered in the rendering window below.

In my scene contents, layers objects 1-5 are not visible, but these are the ones that look like they are being rendered.

The only thing I can assume is that perhaps it might be because I did not save the document before clicking render, but I would not have expected that behaviour (you dont need to save your word document before printing it).

Can anyone confirm why this is happening?

  • $\begingroup$ In your screenshot, all layers are set to visible..? $\endgroup$ – gandalf3 Feb 8 '14 at 1:47

If you look at the outliner, some eye-icons are faded out to indicate that certain objects are hidden.

But there's hidden and there's hidden: hidden in the viewport (eye-icon), and hidden for rendering (camera-icon).

You may paste the following code line to the Python Console (at the bottom of the Scripting view) and hit return, to make the render visibility match the viewport visibility automatically:

for ob in bpy.context.scene.objects: ob.hide_render = ob.hide

in blender 2.8 (beta), in 'outliner' window/editor, there is 'filter' icon at the right side of 'search' bar, at the top; click it, and under 'restriction toggles', select (= enable = show) 'camera' icon; then toggle selection of this 'camera' icon to render or not to render.

blender 2.8 outliner editor - filter icons

have fun,

simon s love nia


To hide objects from final render, click also the camera icon next to the object. The eye is for viewport rendering, the camera is for final rendering.


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