I have meshes from a game that uses morph targets. They are all obj. Files, and I have no clue how to use morph targets. One mesh will be totally ordinary, and then the next one has its mouth open. They have over 10 different meshes with 1 change, and the original mesh uses to move. Can anyone tell me how to successfully use these targets to get the results I need? Is there anyway to save those changes as shapekeys?



You can 'join as shapes' two meshes, as long as they have equal number of vertices.

Select first the model with the morph and then the base model (shift+click); in the Shapes Keys panel click the arrow (triangle) and select 'Join as Shapes'.

join as shapes 1

This will create a Basis key, if the model doesn't have one already, and a key named as the source model (by default is set to 0, I set it to 1 in the image to show the result).

join as shapes 2

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