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Hi everyone, I have been trying to bake a "follow path constraint" animation to keyframes in preparation for exporting to webgl formats. I have a path and I have added an object constraint "follow path" to my model, at which point it animates fine. I now have to bake this to key frames for use in webgl but i get nothing whatever I do with the bake options except an end and begining keyframe that are the same. I know this will be simple but I am just not seeing what I am doing wrong. If you could provide any guidance I would be extremely greateful. many thanks


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You should enable visual keying, as it reads in tooltip: 'Keyframe from the final transformations (with constraints applied)'

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    $\begingroup$ That worked a treat. many thanks calambre $\endgroup$
    – sim10k
    Commented Nov 28, 2016 at 14:35

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