I have a cube that I would like to rotate m*360 degrees around the Y axis in 200 frames where m is an integer. So I go to frame 1 with the default cube, press I for insert keyframe and press rotation. Then I go to frame 200 and rotate the cube around the Y axis m*360 degrees. I know two ways to do this:

  • press R, Y and manually rotate it m*360 times with the mouse, click leftbutton and press I for insert keyframe and press rotation
  • press R, Y and type 'm*360', enter, press I for insert keyframe and press rotation.

However, only the former option works; the latter option will result in a rotation of 0 and result in no rotation. For small m the former manual option is okay, but for larg m the latter option would be more handy.


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You can type m*360 directly in Transform>Rotation window. This would be the easiest and most transparent way to do that.enter image description here


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