I'm beginning in Blender and trying to create my first test game, but now I'm stuck in the creation of a aim system.

Basically I created a tank model and associated an armature in it. Then, I created a cube (IK_target) which gives the position where the tank should aim to. I used Inverse Kinematics to achieve this, and I actually did some progress.

When in Pose Mode, the Tank aims to wherever the Cube is, but when I run the game, the armature moves but the mesh didn't deform. Am I missing something?

I already used the actuator "Run Armature" in the armature, but it didn't work. I searched internet around and found this guy with a similar problem, but I couldn't solve as he did.

Here is the blend file.

PS: Let me know if there's another way more sophisticated or simple to achieve this result.


Just quoting one solution that Daedalus_MDW gave me in another thread.

to solve your issue, you need to make the armature a parent of the mesh. but then collision wont work. heres how it should look.

-> simple collision mesh (low poly invisible physics)

-v> armature

--v> visual mesh (pretty hires stuff)

make sure everything is at (0,0,0) location, otherwise unusual things may occur.

It worked as expected :)


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