I am trying to create a vase that looks similar to this:

Vase i'm trying to make

If there is another post out there I will happily remove this one or redirect it there.

Specifically, I am trying to create the creased effect in the geometry that looks like it is twisting around the vase.

I have tried using Checker Deselect and extrude->scaling the verts but that really screws up my mesh.

Link to my model if it helps:


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I'm sure there are other solutions but i came to an very fast result with the help of the Screw Modifier.

enter image description here
click for flowerpower (Margarita by INFAMEDAVID)

The advantage of this modifier is that you can build your mesh with the desired angle of the Edge Loops which makes it a lot easier to model the creases.


  • add a circle Shift+A
  • add the Screw Modifier

    I used following settings:

    enter image description here

    You can use Z for wireframe to see the result

  • apply the Screw Modifier
  • add a Solidify and a Subdivision Surface Modifier
  • bring the object into the shape

    enter image description here

Like you mentioned in your Question I also used a combination of Checker Deselect, selecting Edge Rings and Edge Loops to get the desired Selection and scaling it on the X and Y Axis.

S then Shift+Z

enter image description here


enter image description here
I used this Glass Shader Setup from here

If you like to edit your existing model:

You can use Propotional Editing O

  • to rotate R your mesh around the Z-Axis
  • to scale S on X and Y axis to create the creases

    enter image description here enter image description here
    You control the size of Propotional Editing with the Mousewheel

For more Information how to get every Nth Selection you can have a look here:


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