I was wanting to make a couple scenes where I have physical meshes melt and no camera fakery. Was wondering if its possible to do within blender?

First scene I need is to have a chocolate bar melt. Needs to stay solid for a good bit and also be animatable for movement and then melt.

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You may do it using a cloth simulation, a little bit of sculpting and shape keys. enter image description here

Select your chocolate bar, apply the transformations to it (Ctrl+A-->Rot&Scale), go to the Physics header and press the Cloth button. Play with the settings in a Cloth panel. enter image description here

Select the plane, apply the transformations to it as above and press the Collision button (remember to place the bar a little bit above it). enter image description here

Select the bar and press Alt+A. Wait for the simulation to be finished, then go to the last frame (Shift+Right Arrow). Go to the Modifiers header and press the Apply as Shape Key button in the Cloth Modifier window. Now you have a new shape key in the mesh data header. enter image description here

Now with a Cloth shape key selected enable the Sculpt Mode. Use the Clay brush to reduce the mesh distortion and the Grab brush to shape the melted chocolate bar. enter image description here

Use the Smooth brush to make the edges smoother. Press I over the shape key value to keyframe it. Go to the next frame on the Timeline, change the shape key's value and keyframe it again. enter image description here


Just have the chocolate bar as a solid object when it is solid. Then, when it needs to melt, use it as a fluid object, and tweak the fluid settings so that it moves really slowly. You are gonna have to bake the fluid setting at a super high resolution if you don't want it to look like crap up close.


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