I know this question may not be directly related to Blender, but maybe it does! Please correct if I am wrong!

I can build and step debugging on Blender 2.78 prior to Xcode 8.1, but something get broken since Xcode 8.1, my situation is as follows:

  1. build and run blender build from Xcode, following the directions in : https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Building_Blender/Mac
  2. set break point on run_cpu(), and read_node()
  3. run blender build, select cycles render and select render mode
  4. it should stop at both breakpoints prior to Xcode 8.1, while not stop at read_node() since 8.1

My environment is MacOS Sierra. For completness, the checkout commit is cf8f6d1 from blender git.


For those who also get stuck here --- after trying a week, I get a way to workaround.

Use the Xcode debug window to set command like 'b func' instead of using the GUI breakpoint (blue arrow) is working.

Obviously it is Xcode to be blamed for.

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