I'm quite new at BGE and recently downloaded this rig, which is my main character. I built the animations in the action editor but when applying in the logic editor it doesn't seem to work.

I actually changed some things I thought could help: No mirror modifier, deform set to BGE, joined the skin with the clothes. Here are quick topics of what I've already tried doing:

-add a cube and parent it to the rig
-apply the action to the rigid body
-tried merging everything but couldn't

my outliner rn

Also, it has an armature modifier and if I apply it, the rig won't work properly.


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First aid:

  • un-parent skin mesh object from armature object
  • ensure the skin mesh object has no modifiers at that state
  • parent the skin mesh object to the armature object in deform mode
  • ensure the skin mesh has vertex groups matching the bone names
  • ensure you have an animation (action) that belongs to the armature
  • add logic bricks that activate an Action actuator playing your animation in-game
  • start the BGE and activate the above logic


Always -> AND -> Action Actuator


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