I've created a transform in the video sequence editor that applies a uniform scale to a strip.

The zoom in happens as soon as the transform frame is reached and then the zoom out happens just as abruptly at the end of the transform. I would like zoom to be progressive.

How can I do this with blender?


Have you tried to do linear interpolation in the graph editor? Press A to select all, then V> Vector.

Optionally, after the previous steps: Shift+E> Linear extrapolation.

  • $\begingroup$ In the graph editor, I have a single line at 0.0. All options in the Select menu are greyed out. The strips in the vse are imported videos, no 3D models exist in my project. $\endgroup$
    – Chris Snow
    Oct 24 '16 at 12:35
  • $\begingroup$ then you have to simulate objects. You may try the following: import images as planes, and import your sequence to a plane afterwards, you have to match your camera to the image (maybe try BLAM addon so its easier to match dimensions and position) then, when you want to perform a zoom, you can get your cam closer to the plane with the sequence, by keyframing camera positions. (after this you have keyframes on the graph editor and fine tune them as I explained previously. $\endgroup$
    – MCunha
    Oct 24 '16 at 12:50
  • $\begingroup$ I just remembered, on the video editor, you can keyframe the "transform" node. Then fine tune on the graph editor. It might be easier $\endgroup$
    – MCunha
    Oct 24 '16 at 12:53
  • $\begingroup$ Go to compositor, import your image sequence, connect to a "transform" node, output to composite and viewer node. then you can keyframe the transform node on "scale". To fine tune the transform node, select it and go to graph editor. $\endgroup$
    – MCunha
    Oct 24 '16 at 13:05
  • $\begingroup$ software-tips.wonderhowto.com/how-to/… $\endgroup$
    – MCunha
    Oct 24 '16 at 13:12

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