I got an error message in User Preferences > Addons tab

Multiple addons using the same name found! 
likely a problem with the script search path. 
(see console details)

But under OS X I don't see "Console" item on the list as Window users. How can I found duplicated add ons on mac?

enter image description here


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To see what Blender thinks, you need to run Blender from command line.

  • Open Terminal application
  • Write cd then hit spacebar and drag&drop your folder with Blender into Terminal window
  • Enter
  • In Terminal window write ./blender.app/Contents/MacOS/blender
  • Enter

Then if you open Blender's "User Preferences" tab "Add-ons", Terminal displays all conflict add-ons.

(There is also patch to show these add ons directly in User Preferences window https://developer.blender.org/D791 for better future)


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