That's the way it looks at me:

введите сюда описание изображения

And it should look like:

введите сюда описание изображения

Xubuntu v16.04 Blender v2.76 (also tried 2.78 from launchpad).

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    $\begingroup$ You have to enable the Collada addon in the user preferences. Go to File > User Preferences > Addons and search for Collada. $\endgroup$ – Duarte Farrajota Ramos Oct 9 '16 at 13:30
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    $\begingroup$ Grab a blender version from here and it is enabled by default. $\endgroup$ – p2or Oct 9 '16 at 18:14
  • $\begingroup$ Versions from ubuntu repositories don't have this addon, but official release has. Thank you very much! Answer please that I could close the issue. $\endgroup$ – Beast Winterwolf Oct 10 '16 at 2:34

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