i want to use difference in Boolean modifier but actually the result are like it is merged, i want a hole inside a custom shape. beore using difference: before difference is applied

and here is the result after difference is applied, it is like the cylinder is merged instead of subtract: after the difference is applied. i moved the shape so that now two cylinders are visible

i have tried this link suggestions: Using difference modifier on two objects doesn't always work

i am a total beginner so if i am making a stupid mistake please accept my appologies.


You need to have consistent normals on your objects - normals determine what is outside and what is inside.

To recalculate normals go into Edit mode (Tab), select all geometry (A) and perform "Recalculate normals outside" (Ctrl+ N)

After all your pieces have correct normals (you will also notice consistent shading of all objects) - booleans will work as expected.

You might also want to set the object that you do boolean with as wireframe (you do that under Object Display options):

enter image description here

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