This is kind of a beginner question, so I apologize upfront.

Imagine the interior of a room made with Blender. Let's say, a dining room.

Inside of it, we have obviously the walls, floor and ceiling. But we do also have more objects inside, like a television. A sofa. A chimney. Some paintings on the walls. An antique ceiling lamp. You get the point.


I'm just starting out my journey on UV Unwrapping, oriented to game development. My question is the following: should I UV Unwrap all things (i.e. walls, floor, ceiling, chimney, TV, sofas, paintings, lamp, tables, chairs, ...) into the same UV space? What are best practices here that I should follow?

Thank you, and again, I apologize for such a beginner question.


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well, after my short experience with blender i do believe UV unwrapping every single object would allow for more customisation.

You would be able to make better use of Textures and Maps (Normal, specular, etc.) while keeping a reasonable amount of control.

Furthermore, applying one UV Map to the whole room would certainly be messy. You would lose sight of what's what very quickly.

BTW I'm a beginner myself, so pls don't hate.

EDIT: Don't Game Engines also differentiate between objects (except maybe for complete static rooms etc.) ?

  • $\begingroup$ Yes, game engines do differentiate between the different objects inside of a .blend file. Thanks for the answer $\endgroup$ Commented Oct 4, 2016 at 20:33

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